FAQ IN Vaccines

How does  Vaccine work?

Vaccines train immune system using harmless form of vaccine. vaccine activates adaptive immune response. adaptive immune response involves B cells which produce specific antibodies to stop the virus and T helper cells stimulate B cells.

Why do we need to take vaccination?

It is very important for all adults to take vaccination to prevent the spread of covid and develop herd immunity.it also reduces the chance of infection to kids.

Can vaccination prevent infection?

Vaccination cannot prevent the infection totally but it can reduce the severity of the infection.

Can cancer patients take vaccination?

Yes cancer survivors must take vaccination. cancer patients under treatment must take vaccination under the guidance of oncologist. if surgery is planned, vaccination may be taken either before the surgery or after the recovery.

Who should avoid vaccination?

People with severe immunosuppressive conditions, severe allergy, severe allergic reaction to non covid vaccine or first dose of vaccine or any components of vaccine. pregnancy is also a contraindication. currently lactating females are encouraged to take vaccine.

What are different types of vaccines available in India?how are they different from each other?

Covishield is developed in collaboration with Astra Zeneca and Serum Institute of India, pune.it has been developed using weakened adeno virus(Chimpanzee)

Covaxin is developed by Bharath Biotech in collaboration with ICMR.it uses inactivated covid 19 virus. theoretically it is supposed to produce better immunological response than covishield.

Sputnik V is recent addition which is developed by Gamaleya Research Institute of Russia.it uses inactivated adeno virus of 2 different vectors.

However, all the vaccines are useful in fighting against covid. covishield is more effective against UK Variant, whereas covaxin has been more effective against south African and Brazilian Variants

Why is that some people develop infection inspite of vaccination?

Vaccination takes at least 4 to 6 weeks to develop immunity. if a person is exposed before the development of immunity, he has high chances of developing covid infection.

Usually people are more cautious if they know they are at high risk of infection.  on the contrary if they feel they are at low risk of infection, they tend to be careless this is known as Peltzman effect.

Do we need to take vaccination after getting infected?

We need to complete course of vaccination after recovering from infection atleast after 6 weeks. there is always chance of reinfection. hence this acts to boost up the immunity.

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