Psychological effects of covid

How did covid pandemic effect us psychologically?

Covid pandemic effected people psychologically in several ways.

The main effect is fear. People are under constant fear  of getting infected, fear of hospitalization, expenses of hospitalization, fear of Death.

There is lot of information being flooded in social media popularly known as Infodemic which includes both positive & negative information.

There is a constant feel of helplessness. That we are unable to do anything for our near and dear.

There is Obsession for excessive cleanliness.

There is fear of financial insecurities as there is slow down of economy and people loosing their businesses and jobs.

Many people are getting depressed due to loss of their loved ones and fear of uncertainty regarding their future.

Many people are getting addicted to alcohol & tobacco smoking.

What are the steps we can take to tackle such situation?

First thing is to re ascertain ourselves that this will pass on soon.

We should come out of feeling of fear.

We need to take adequate precautions to prevent covid but not be obsessed.

We should maintain positive attitude by reading self help books, taking up activities like yoga, breathing exercises

Learning a new subject online, developing a new hobby.

Get involved in service activities and forming self help groups.

One can also utilize online services of psychologists.

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