What is Black fungus?

Mucormycosis is colony called as Black fungus.

It is usually seen in immuno compromised patients including Uncontrolled diabetics, cancer patients, patients on chemo/immunotherapy,

Patients undergoing dialysis & renal failure.

Why covid patients are being infected by Black fungus?

In related to covid, patients treated with prolonged steroids, patients on ventilator for long duration, uncontrolled diabetes and other immune suppression conditions are at high risk.

Increased ferritin can also be a reason.

Many times it is seen in non diabetics as well. the virus itself can reduce the immunity.

What are the common symptoms and how to identify this infection?

It arises in oral cavity,nasal cavity,paranasal sinuses and eyes commonly.,It can also spread to Brain and Lungs.

The common symptoms include Eye pain,  severe headache, nasal discharge, breathlessness and cough.

How to detect this infection?

Once the clinical diagnosis is done,The most common investigations used to detect mucormycosis are combination of CT scan,MRI,nasal endoscopy.

How do we treat this?

The most important aspect of treatment is controlling underlying comorbid conditions like diabetes/hypertension/cardiac conditions.

Treatment includes antifungal medicines like Amphotericin B Injections.

Surgery may be necessary in some cases for removal of the effected part like eye,jaw bones. Endonasal sinus surgery is also commonly performed. 

Can we take Preventive measures?

Patients who recovered from covid need to take adequate precautions. Regular monitoring of sugar levels is needed. early symptoms have to be identified and reported to the physician. personal hygiene is very important.

Masks have to be used without fail.

Cleaning Humidifiers and pipes in ventilated patients and in patients under oxygen therapy, cleaning nose regularly with saline is advised.

Regular Betadine mouth wash is advised

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