Post covid care

Why is post covid care important?

Many people who recovered from covid are suffering from different symptoms like prolonged fever,  cough,  breathlessness, chest pain, skin rashes and mucormycosis

This is seen in people with uncontrolled diabetes,cardiac condtions,patients with kidney problems.

Does covid effect other parts of body as well?

Covid primarily effects lungs but it can also effect different parts of body and cause complication like lung fibrosis,kidney related problems,cardiac problems and recently fungal infections.

It can cause complications of blood vessels like vasculitis and Multi systemic inflammatory conditions.

What is the care the patients recovering from covid need to take?

Most importantly the patients need to monitor the vitals regularly .

If they feel any symptoms they have to consult the physician immediately.

They might need to take some medications like anticoagulants for longer time.

They have to keep the comorbid conditions like diabetes, hypertension under control.

They have to take plenty of fluids and adequate nutrition.

People who recovered from covid should take up physical exercise gradually.

they should not rush for heavy exercise immediately.

They should avoid smoking and alcohol

People who recovered from covid must complete their course of vaccination at least  6 weeks from the time of recovery from the vaccination.

They need to be very positive in their attitude.

What kind of oral hygiene is needed?

It is very important to maintain good oral hygiene post infection to prevent reinfection.

Regular betadine mouth wash is advised.

Need to change the tooth brush

If the entire house hold keeps brushes at same place, it is advisable to change the brushes.

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