Care of kids during covid

We are hearing a lot about 3rd wave of covid and its effect on serious is it?

Compared to first covid wave, there are more cases of kids turning positive during second is predicted that third wave is going to effect kids significantly.but most of the kids would be asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic

What are the common symptoms of covid in kids?

Common symptoms include fever which could be mild to high grade, cough, breathlessness, running nose,  gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea, stomach pain, rashes.

What precautions can we take if a kid is infected with covid?

We need not panic. most of them do not require admission in the hospital. they can be treated with supportive care at home.

We need to consult the pediatrician immediately and follow his advice.

Care takers should focus more on hydration and nutrition.we need to see that kid is taking adequate food and fluids.otherwise the kid might need admission foe parenteral nutrition.

Most of the kids may require mild antibiotics and most of them do not require antiviral medication.

Vitals like temperature, pulse and oxygen levels have to be monitored regularly.

What care can be taken to prevent covid in kids?

If a child gets sick or develop symptoms suspicious of covid,he/she should not be allowed to play with other kids until the kid is symptom consultation should be taken at the earliest.

Children above the age of 5 years should wear mask. personal hygiene is very important.

It is advisable to give influenza vaccine to kids till the time covid vaccination is available to kids.

Adults must be vaccinated to reduce the chances of infection in the kids.

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