Cancer & Covid

Which  patients at higher risk of covid?

All people with immunocompromised conditions like uncontrolled diabetes,  cancer, people suffering from HIV, patients undergoing dialysis, cardiac conditions and obesity are at higher risk of getting infected with covid and are at high risk of developing severe covid complications.

Are all cancer patients at risk of developing covid?

The risk of covid infection is same as of general population. but the risk of getting infected depends on type of cancer, stage of cancer, type of treatment. patients with blood cancer, patients with advanced cancers, patients receiving chemotherapy, immunotherapy, chemoradiation are at high risk of developing covid infection and its complications.

Can a newly diagnosed patient delay cancer surgery during pandemic?

The treatment should not be delayed at any cost.

Adequate precautions are taken before and after surgery to prevent infection.

What precautions to be taken if a person is taking radiation?

Treatment should be taken at a given time slot. usually patients tend to interact  with other patients to know their experiences. but this is not the ideal time for such interactions. they must minimize the interaction with others.  its advisable to take only one attender during the therapies to avoid over crowding.

During treatment period they must visit their doctor regularly and in case there is any health related issue, they should inform the health care personnel immediately.

During the period of treatment they must maintain personal hygiene, wear mask, maintain adequate physical distance with others.

There is need to take adequate nutrition.

What precautions are advised post treatment?

Post treatment ,cancer survivors must maintain good health by taking balanced diet, good rest, light exercises and having a positive mental attitude.

Can a cancer patient take vaccination?

It is very important for cancer survivors to take vaccination as they will be at a higher risk of developing covid.

Cancer patients who are undergoing treatment also can take vaccination under the guidance of their oncologist.

Patients who are planning for surgery can either take vaccine before surgery or after recovering from the surgery.

Is it advisable to take tele consultation during covid pandemic?

Follow up patients can utilize tele consultation services in order to avoid hospital visits during pandemic. especially patients travelling from far places must utilize the services

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